This week I cover Microsoft HoloLens 2, Varjo VR-1 Human Eye Resolution VR Headset, Undead Citadel, Zed [Cyan Inc], Final Assault VR, Kart Kraft VR, Doctor Who - The Runaway, Five Nights at Freddy's VR, Virutal Space Port [VISP], Kingdom Hearts, Virt-a-mate, Leap Motion.


THE GRID VR | Virtual Reality News - Azgards Wrath, Yu-Gi-oh

This week:  Azgard's Wrath, Dirt Rally 2.0 VR, Groundhog Day VR, The History of the Future, Intruders - Hide and Seek, Angry Birds VR, Isle of Pigs, Audica, Yu-Gi-Oh VR, Audi Quattro Coaster, Bigscreen 2019 Update, Article 13

THE GRID VR | Virtual Reality News-Ace Combat 7, Predator VR

This week:  This week I cover Ace Combat 7, Bandai Namco, A Fisherman’s Tale, Innerspace, ARTE, Vertigo Games, Predator VR, Tabletop Gods, PSVR Demo Disk 3, Kungfucious, A Shopping Trip to Eklan Tor, Eden Tomorrow, Area of Darkness, OpenVR Advanced Settings, Subnautica VR Mod, Kingdom Hearts Theme Son

THE GRID VR | Virtual Reality News - Vive Cosmos Vive Pro

The Grid VR covers all the biggest news on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive (Steam VR), PSVR, WMR, Mobile virtual reality headsets as well as on location VR arcades and AR (Augmented Reality).  

This week I cover HTC Vive Cosmos, Qualcomm Reference Headset, HTC Vive Pro Eye, Pimax at CES, Pimax Eye Tracking, Nreal Mixed Reality Glasses, Nreal, Mad Box, FinchShift 6dof Controller, Oculus Rift Price $350, Linus Tech Tips, Sony PSVR Sales, P.T. VR, Boarding VAR VR Motion Sickness Cure LED's...


The Grid VR - 23rd December 2018

This Week:  Oculus Deep Focus, FlyInside (FlyInSide) VR Flight Simulator, Polybius (Jeff Minter), Kaisuo, Slightly Heroes, Colour Blindness in VR, VR Winter Sales, DMT, Beat Saber, League of Legends, KDA, Palmer Luckey Modded GO, Merry Christmas

The Grid VR - 16th December 2018

This week:  Borderlands 2 VR, Prey VR, Epic Games Store, Contractors VR, Space Battle VR, Shadow Legend VR, Spice and Wolf, 4k Odin Headset, Varjo headset and Oculus patent, Celebrity VR, Oculus and Zenimax Lawsuit

The Grid VR - 25th November 2018

This Week:  Spheres, Spheres VR, The Limit VR, Where Thoughts Go, Crow The Legend, Age of Sail, Go For Launch, Alien Isolation VR, Echo Combat, Motion Sickness Cure, Beat Saber Contest, 100k Contest, Google VR Shoes

The Grid VR - 11th november 2018

This week:  Vive Focus, Shadow Creator, Shadow VR, Transpose, Wardust, Hold the World, Sir David Attenborough, Anticleric, Technolust, Google Seurat, Beat Saber PSVR, Vive x McLaren, Wrench, Firefighter, Paramedic, VR Training, Valve VR Headset, Valve HMD, Population One, VR Robot

the grid vr - 4th november 2018

This week:  Pimax 5k+, 5k BE, 8k, Samsung Odyssey +, Red Dead Redemption 2 PC VR Files, Tetris Effect (PSVR), Zero Caliber Demo, Accounting+, Blade and Sorcery, Tin Hearts, Target Black Friday Deals Leaked, Imax VR Shut Down, Steam VR Motion Smoothing, Nvidia Texture Space Shading (TSS)

The grid vr - 14th October 2018

This week I cover F4CEpa1m, Borderlands 2 VR, The Great C, Assetto Corsa, Astro Bot, Rescue Mission, 1943 Berlin Blitz, Balsa Model Flight Sim, Mica, AI, Mica AI, Magic Leap, Valve Gulping Goats, Visage, John Carmack

The grid vr - 30 september 2018

This week I cover Oculus Quest, Oculus Connect 5, Co-Location Multiplayer, Asymmetric Co-Location, Oculus Insight, Star Wars Vader Immortal, Chromatic Abberation Correction, ASW 2.0, Oculus Core 2.0, Codec Avatars, Waveguide Headsets, Pancake Lenses, Oculus GO Casting, Lone Echo 2, Defector, Twisted Pixel, Vox Machinae, OpenComposite, Pimax, Knuckles EV3, Stage 9, FireFox Reality, Mozilla.  ENJOY!!

The grid vr - 16 september 2018

This week I cover Wrench, Car Mechanic Sim, Windlands 2, Kingdom Hearts, The Void Disney and Marvel Hyper-Reality, Imax Steam VR Environment, Everybodys Golf VR, Ace Combat VR, Metal Slug VR, EMUVR, Stage 9 Star Trek TNG Shut Down, Transference, Tomb Raider Native SBS 3D, Virtual Fighting Championship. 


The Grid VR - 2nd September 2018

This week I cover StarVR, StarVR One, Acer Ojo 500, Samsung Odyssey Plus, Odyssey +, Magic Leap, Tear Down, Ifixit, Palmer Luckey, motion sickness, GVS, Torn, Firewall, Zero Hour, Nostos, Dextres Gloves, Wolfenstein 3D VR, Beat Saber Arcade, Imogen Heap, The Glitch Mob, The Wave VR...  ENJOY!!

THE GRID VR | NVIDIA EDITION - RTX 2080Ti, 2070, Ray Tracing

This week I cover Nvidia, RTX, RTX 2080 RTX 2080Ti, RTX 2070, Ray Tracing, Virtual Link, Real Time Ray Tracing, RTX-OPS, Gamescon, Infiltrator Demo, RTX Pricing, Nvidia VRWorks, Multi-View Rendering, Variable Rate Shading, DGX, Turing GPU, Benchmarks, RTX Benchmarks, Specs, Star wars demo, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, In Death, Paradise Lost, Battlefield V


This week:  Wolfenstein VR, Oculus Connect 5, Pimax, Pixel Ripped 1989, SLRVR, VR Arcade, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

THE GRID VR | Virtual Reality News

This week I cover: ONWARD VR GIVEAWAY, Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice VR Edition, Marvel Powers United VR, Star Trek Bridge Crew, TNG, The Next Generation, Racket NX, Megaton Rainfall VR, Walking Dead VR, Saints and Sinners, Contagion VR, Virtual Link, VR Cable, Disney VR, Cycles, Valve Knuckles Controllers...