The Best Gaming + Recording gear

Oculus Rift

The best consumer VR headset

Oculus Rift on Amazon:

Oculus Rift 3rd Sensor on Amazon:

Virtual Reality Gaming

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HTC Vive

The best PC VR headset

HTC Vive:

HTC Vive Pro:

HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap:

HTC Vive Tracker:

Virtual Reality Gaming

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Oculus GO


Oculus GO 32GB (one I own) on Amazon:

Oculus GO 64GB on Amazon:

Virtual Reality Gaming / Movies / Netflix

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Elgato HD60 / Pro

The best recording / capture card

Elgato HD60:

Elgato HD60 Pro:

Elgato HD60s:

Recording / Game Capture

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Best microphones

Blue Snowball (Budget USB):

Blue Yeti (Budget USB):

Audio Technica AT2020 USB (High End USB):

Rode NT1A XLR (Budget XLR):

Shure SM7B (High End Dynamic XLR):

The Best Recording Microphones

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Gaming Headsets

The best gaming headsets

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 (Mid Range):

PS4/PC -

Xbox/PC -

Astro A40 (Mid Range):

PS4/PC -

Xbox/PC -

Turtle Beach Stealth 800 (High End):

PS4/PC -

Xbox/PC -

Astro A50 (High End):

PS4/PC -

Xbox/PC -

The Best Gaming Headsets

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cables and adapters

PS4 Slim Adapter

Tendak HDMI Optical Splitter for PS4 Slim Users to connect Elgato HD60 for capturing and party chat

Tendak HDMI Optical Splitter (PS4 Slim):

Optical Cable:

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Splitter Cables

CTIA Y Splitter cable for wired headset users with Xbox One or PS4 to connect party chat

CTIA Y Splitter Cable (Wired Headset Users):

Y Splitter 2 Female (Wired Headset Xbox Users):

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Connection Cables

HDMI and USB 2.0 micro cables for PS4  + Xbox users with Elgato HD60 game capture card Twitch stream

HDMI Cable:

Micro USB Cable (Elgato):

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console and gaming pc

Gaming/Streaming PC

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and gaming PC to play, record, or stream to Twitch.TV from a PS4, Xbox or PC

GTX 2070 Gaming PC:

Microsoft Surface Pro 6:

Ultra Wide Gaming Monitor:

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